Looking forward

Here are a few anthologies and collections that I’m looking forward to reading in 2011.
What should I add to my list?
Being Human, edited by Neil Astley (Bloodaxe)
Catulla et al, Tiffany Atkinson (Bloodaxe)
Neptune Blue, Simon Barraclough (Salt)
The Tempest Prognosticator, Isobel Dixon (Salt)
Egg Printing Explained, Katy Evans-Bush (Salt)
Occasional China, Gaia Holmes (Comma Press)
Rubber Orchestras, Anthony Joseph (Salt)
The Book of Men, Dorianne Laux (W W Norton)
The Best British Poetry 2011, edited by Roddy Lumsden (Salt)
The Frost Fairs, John McCullough (Salt)
The Exile’s House, Ian Parks (Waterloo Press)
Emporium, Ian Pindar (Carcanet)
Changeling, Clare Pollard (Bloodaxe)
Breaking Silence, Jacob Sam-La Rose (Bloodaxe)
The Kitchen of Lovely Contraptions, Jacqueline Saphra
(Flipped Eye)
The Itchy Sea, Mark Waldron (Salt)
Confer, Ahren Warner (Bloodaxe)
Electric Shadow, Heidi Williamson (Bloodaxe)
House of Tongues, Susan Wicks (Bloodaxe)
The City with Horns, Tamar Yoseloff (Salt)

6 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. Andy Ching

    As well as many of those listed by yourself, I’m also looking forward to Roddy Lumsden’s Terrific Melancholy, and a clutch of interesting Fabers: Basil Bunting’s Complete Poems (editor Don Share), Mark Ford’s Six Children, Alice Oswald’s Memorial and Christopher Reid’s Selected Poems. Faber have also just published August Kleinzahler’s Sleeping it Off in Rapid City, which is an essential read.

  2. Roddy

    Don’t miss a first book from Kate Potts (Pure Hustle, Bloodaxe). Another Salt first collection from James Goodman (Claytown) is very good too. The Best British book will now be a little later than expected (June) due to the Spring mags and journals just beginning to appear now.

  3. Michelle Post author

    You’re being kept busy, Roddy. Thanks for these titles.

    Any recommendations from the States?

  4. georgie lorimer

    Hi, can I also recommend Jackie Kay’s ‘Fiere’ (Picador) for it is absolutely beautiful as well as Craig Raine’s ‘How Snow Falls’. I know they’ve both been out for a while but they are both fabulous.

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