Matthew Stewart’s Inventing Truth

Matthew Stewart has lived in Extremadura, Spain, for the last fifteen years, where he works as the export manager and blender for a local winery. His poetry has been widely published in UK magazines, and Happenstance Press has just brought out Inventing Truth, his first pamphlet.

“The poems in this pamphlet are characterized by brevity and restraint. At first reading, they seem simple. They pack a punch, however, that exceeds reasonable expectation.”
– Helena Nelson
An ochre dusk through the window,
stewed apples sighing from the hob
and slippers squeaking back and forth
on the lino. Mum’s become Gran,
Son now Dad, but a boy still plays
at the same Formica table.
This kitchen’s hub, its ersatz knots
are giving off a perfect shine.
First published in The Rialto.
Order Inventing Truth (Happenstance Press, 2011).
Visit Matthew’s blog.

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