1 thought on “Protest Against Rape: Sunday * May be triggering *

  1. peony moon Post author

    And thank you to Matthew Dickman for ‘Ghost Story’ from his collectionMayakovsky’s Revolver (WW Norton & Co, 2012).

    Ghost Story
    Matthew Dickman

    I remember telling the joke
    about child molestation and seeing
    the face of the young man
    I didn’t know well enough
    turn from something with light
    inside of it into something like
    an animal that’s had its brain
    bashed in, something like that, some
    sky inside him breaking
    all over the table and the beers.
    It’s amazing, finding out
    my thoughtlessness has no bounds,
    is no match for any barbarian,
    that it runs wild and hard
    like the Mississippi. No, the Rio Grande.
    No, the Columbia. A great river
    of thorns and when this stranger
    stood up and muttered
    something about a cigarette,
    the Hazmat team
    in my chest begins to cordon
    off my heart, glowing
    a toxic yellow,
    and all I could think about
    was the punch line “sexy kids”,
    that was it, “sexy kids”, and all the children
    I’ve cared for, wiping
    their noses, rocking them to sleep,
    all the nieces and nephews I love,
    and how no one ever
    opened me up like a can of soup
    in the second grade, the man
    now standing on the sidewalk, smoke smothering
    his body, a ghost unable
    to hold his wrists down
    or make a sound like a large knee in between
    two small knees, but terrifying and horrible all the same.

    First published in Mayakovsky’s Revolver (WW.Norton & Co, 2012).

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