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The Zen of Seeing

“Everyone thinks he knows what a lettuce looks like.  But start to draw one and you realise the anomaly of having lived with lettuces all your life but never having seen one, never having seen the semi-translucent leaves curling in their own lettuce way, never having noticed what makes a lettuce a lettuce rather than a curly kale.”

– Frederick Franck, The Zen of Seeing:  Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

Marc Chagall

“Despite all the troubles of our world, in my heart I have never given up on the love in which I was brought up or on man’s hope in love.  In life, just as on the artist’s palette, there is but one single colour that gives meaning to life and art – the colour of love.”

– Marc Chagall

Francis Bacon

“Coincidences were grist to Bacon’s mill, an integral part of the ‘compost’ on the studio floor from which his images emerged:  the lover’s face distorted in a mirror, a crumpled magazine ad or Rembrandt reproduction surfacing in the jumble as he paced to and fro.  Like dots wanting to be joined up into a line, they formed patterns and triggered off associations that still reverberate years later, because they never release all their secret layers of meaning.”

– Michael Peppiatt on Francis Bacon, Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma (Constable, 2008)