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Time out at Mount Grace

“Well-being is not a state of mind, or even of body. It is a state of grace.”
– Sally Brampton
“The idea of feeding the soul is an old one, which can be found in mystical literature from around the world”

– Thomas Moore

“You can have all the drive in the world, but if you never stop driving, you will never know all the wonders that have flashed by your window.”
– Rabbi Naomi Levy

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
– Annie Dillard

“Sit. Feast on your life.”
– Derek, Walcott, ‘Love After Love’

“Your granny makes gravy, I make sauces.”
– Executive Chef Franc Lubbe, Mount Grace

“Taste is a form of knowing, a school for the senses. Food is an implement of magic, and only the cold-hearted rationalist could squeeze the juices of life out of it and make it bland.”
– Thomas Moore

“To be a true adventurer in the realm of taste you do not have to be a gourmet. You must, however, be appreciative and receptive, with a salt and peppering of curiosity and experimentation.”
– Oliver A. Wallace

“An exquisite pleasure has invaded my senses … When could it have come to me, this all-powerful joy?”
– Marcel Proust

“Grace fills the empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void.”
– Simone Weil

“Sleep is an essential part of life – but more important, sleep is a gift … There are few things more exquisitely pleasurable than giving [yourself] over to sleep at the end of the day or lying in bed half asleep waking to the new day …”
– William C. Derwent

“I think the reason we all get up in the morning whether we know it or not, is that brief moment during the day when we recognise the beauty in something.”
– Penelope Michler

“this is where I want
to love all the things
it has taken me so long
to learn to love.
This is the temple
of my adult aloneness
and I belong
to that aloneness
as I belong to my life.
There is no house
like the house of belonging.”
– David Whyte, ‘The House of Belonging’

“One may return to a place, and quite unexpectedly, meet oneself still lingering there from the last time.”
– Helen Bevington
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