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Joyce Carol Oates on writing poetry

Joyce Carol Oates by Marion Ettlinger

“Poetry is my other world, my solace of a kind. I love both to read and to write – or to attempt to write – poetry as a means of escape from the strain of prose fiction. It is also an extremely personal mode for me, as fiction is not. I can employ autobiographical landscapes and even experiences in my fiction, but I never exist – there is no place for I.
In a phase of poetry writing, I feel that I am most at home in poetry. There is something truly enthralling about the process – the very finitude of the form, the opportunity for constant revision – an incantory solace generally missing in fiction.”
– Joyce Carol Oates
   from ‘Joyce Carol Oates and the Hardest Part of Writing’
   Writer’s Digest interview with Michael Schumacher, April 1986
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