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Matthew Stewart’s Tasting Notes

Matthew Stewart was born in Farnham, Surrey, in 1973. Following a comprehensive school education, he took a degree in modern languages at St Peter’s College, Oxford.

During his studies, he spent an academic year teaching English in Extremadura, one of the remotest and least-known regions in Spain. Following graduation, he decided to make his home there, working first as a freelance translator and then in the local wine trade.

He is now blender and export manager for a co-operative of local farmers, Viñaoliva, selling their Zaleo wines in fifteen different countries around the world. As part of his job, he writes the back labels, brochures and website copy for the co-op, including the tasting notes.

Stewart is also a poet. His poems have appeared widely in UK magazines and his first collection was Inventing Truth (HappenStance, 2011). He blogs at Rogue Strands.
“In his mini-pamphlet, Tasting Notes (HappenStance, 2012), Matthew has four Zaleo products speak for themselves—a marriage of wine and poetry.

If you’d like to sample the poems with the appropriate beverage (recommended), a single Tempranillo (or all four Zaleo wines) can be bought at a discounted price to HappenStance purchasers from Bat and Bottle Wine Merchants, Unit 5, 19 Pillings Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6QF, United Kingdom (tel 01572 759735 / 07809 828662, or email post@batwine.co.uk). Online orders direct from www.batwine.co.uk or click the link here.”
Zaleo Rosado
          With raspberries and recently cut roses
          on an elegant and delicate nose,
          Zaleo Rosado then leads us through
          to a lip-smacking, refreshing palate.
          It’s ideal for lazy summer evenings.
Even the winemaker sniggered
at me on sight, and bled me off
from all his other grapes and skins
a day after leaving the vines.
I haven’t got the guts for red.

At times I’ve heard it said I blush.
Well, wouldn’t you, if popped and poured
in some High Street pub, surrounded
by a gaggle of squawking girls
who hurl you back without a thought?
from Tasting Notes (HappenStance, 2012).

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