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Vanessa Daou’s Joe Sent Me

“For me, music is a response to the world, and the voice imbues the words with life and gives them breath.  I’m especially interested in the idea of recording as an act of preservation of experience.  To be a recording artist is – quite literally – to make a record of sounds, voices, words, and breaths.  Every record I create, I plunge into the depths of life in all aspects of experience:  sound, images, dreams.  Music is a time capsule, capturing, distilling and preserving the essence of what it means to be alive.  The role of poetry, of words and language, is to remind us.”
– Vanessa Daou
Vanessa Daou
Soon life’s knowing will come, it will dust the mind
like talcum. Meanwhile, everyone will dream at least
once of times they tried to run but their legs got stuck
in the ambivalence of love’s mud, in the imagination’s
straining. Our days are drenched by hurricanes
entering sideways in our minds with no warning.
It’s gray where the thinking thinks, where the
radar blinks. It’s the surge of you that burns me
crimson. I am asleep, asleep all day, blood running,
an accident of treason. ((My mother was the one
who laughed from other rooms while I cried,
the division between us multiplied a thousand times))
You say (and I quote) “Don’t do the math” (end of quote),
italics mine. (Quote again) “just come here” (end quote).
So what if I do? I go nowhere with you, and everywhere.
I am subsonic, plutonic, woebegone, forlorn, language
forgotten, towel shared. I am scared, scarred, scarlet
letter ‘A’, hermit, Hamlet, tragic, victorious. I am soldier,
souvenir, medal of honor attached to your pocket. I am
intrinsic, entropic, order, chaotic, limited to this word
I have just finished, conception of the infinite. Masculine,
feminine, everything is division; days, dollars, mortgage
rates, bequeathed estates. Leave me with nothing more
than your essence. Invisible lover, indivisible number,
only then will I remember, remember with my lack of logic.
With you I am myth maker, glass breaker, soul taker,
hip shaker. I am techtonic, ironic, sardonic. With you
I am purified, pornographic, protean, prolific; for you
I am problematic, acrobatic.
Yes, like I said, every crevice that cracks in me I spread
for you since that first night in my bed when the flash
of my life turned your blue eyes red. And so the story
always goes, ending before the author knows. Our days
are drenched by hurricanes entering sideways
in our minds with no warning.
From Vanessa’s album, Joe Sent Me.
Joe Sent Me is available here.

Patti Smith

“You have to kick doors open yourself.  When people come up to me and say, ‘Patti, nobody wants to hear my CD and I don’t have enough money for equipment,’ I say, ‘Well, get a job, y’know?’  That’s what I did.  You get people who say, ‘The government won’t give me a grant and I can’t do my art.’  I say, ‘Fuck you, it’s your own fault, you expect the government to give you a hand?  The government is corrupt.  Do what it takes.  You do babysitting jobs, you work in the factory, you work in the bookstore or become a pickpocket, y’know?  But whatever. Get a job. ‘ Work is really good for an artist.”

– Patti Smith