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Carol Rumens on sestinas and “Darling, Would You Please Pick Up Those Books?”

The sestina is a poetic form that immediately declares itself to the eye.  In the days when it was sung, it must have taken a while longer (say six lines?) for that “aha” moment to dawn on the audience.  But the print-poets still like writing sestinas and finding ways of disrupting expectations.  Despite an inclination to diversify into an over-literary, pun-juggling, postmodern exercise, there have been some great 20th-century examples by, among others, John Ashbery, Elizabeth Bishop, Anthony Hecht, Marilyn Hacker and Miller Williams.  As a collector of contemporary examples, I was delighted to discover “Darling, Would You Please Pick Up Those Books?” by Kathryn Maris.  It returns to the sestina its original qualities of voice and performance.

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