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Christopher Hope reviews André Brink’s A Fork in the Road in The Guardian

“The real kick in this book comes last.  After supporting all his life the vision of a better way for all in South Africa, Brink is appalled by what change has brought and he is not afraid to say so.  He tears into a governing elite who resemble nothing so much as the brigands they suceeded – who substitute for the vox populi of the ballot box the vox dei of the ruling party; preside over a “tsunami” of crime and violence that terrorises everyone in the country; prefer quackery to antiretroviral drugs in the fight against Aids; and unapologetically back tyrannies from Burma to Sudan and Zimbabwe.”

To read Christopher Hope’s full review of A Fork in the Road (Harvill Secker) click on the above link.

On Borders

“Borders are scratched across the hearts of men
By strangers with a calm, judicial pen,
And when the borders bleed we watch with dread
The lines of ink across the map turn red.”

– Marya Mannes,
  Subverse: Rhymes for Our Times (George Braziller, 1959)

Elizabeth Alexander: “What if the mightiest word is love …”

Poet Collin Kelley has posted the text to Elizabeth Alexander’s inaugural poem, “Praise Song for the Day”, on his blog, Collin Kelley: Modern Confessional.

Thanks, Collin.