An interview with Padrika Tarrant in The New Review

My interview with the inimitable Padrika Tarrant is in The New Review, Issue 20 (Winter/Spring 2009) on Scottish author Laura Hird’s website here.

Padrika’s novel, The Knife Drawer, is to be published later this year by Salt.

13 thoughts on “An interview with Padrika Tarrant in The New Review

  1. nathan1313

    Great interview Michelle. I’m now completely fascinated with Padrika’s work. I so want to read the story in which the pigeons discover fire!

  2. Michelle Post author

    Nathan, first you need to buy yourself a copy of Broken Things. It’s one of my favourite books. You’ll love it. I promise. I will reimburse you if you don’t.

  3. johemmant

    no need to reimburse me, you’ve not made a bad recommendation yet. I look forward to it and will read this interview tomorrow…….for now, I veg.

  4. Annie

    What a great review… and so completely different from the interview I did with her on Bookmunch. Really thoughtful fascinating questions and illuminating answers. I so love Broken Things, and can’t wait to read the Knife Drawer, it sounds so good…

    I shall have to quiz you about doing interviews. I have done quite a few reviews, but Padrika was my first interviewee. I would love ot ask you for some tips…

  5. Michelle Post author

    Annie, I really enjoyed your interview on Bookmunch.

    I’ll drop you a line …

  6. christine

    Great interview – she sounds like a unique person and writer. Some of her descriptions of the stories she writes remind me of Kelly Links’s stories, which I love. It’s great when zombies appear in their natural state, or when the hidden talents of animals appear on the page. Thanks, Michelle!

  7. Susan Richardson

    Really interesting interview, Michelle – considered questions and equally thoughtful answers. Thank you!

  8. Michelle Post author

    Hi Christine, Ret and Susan, thank you for reading the interview.

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  10. Christine

    I wanted to let you know that my copy of Broken Things just arrived. I read ‘Darling’ last night. Wow, what an imagination.

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