Bob Hicok

“I don’t think about “my” audience … I don’t know how anyone could write with a group of people in mind.  It’s difficult enough to rummage around in my own head, let alone estimate how my words will enter another life.  Writers should be good at sensing where readers will be more or less confused, angry, emotionally or intellectually involved, in evaluating the content of their writing in general terms.  But to think about readers while writing is to invite the hypothetical into the process in a way that stops me from being open to the actual, to myself.”
– Bob Hicok

5 thoughts on “Bob Hicok

  1. Pamela Mordecai

    Hi Michelle: Thanks for this. In spirit, I agree, and do see what Bob Hicok means, but writers who use more than one language, or whose first language is limited to a small language community, or who want to make a statement (I choose to write in Creole as well as English) are thinking of audience, and much follows that decision. Ngugi’s decision to write in Gikuyu, is an example… Have a happy week.

  2. Michelle Post author

    Hi Pam! Lovely to see you here – and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Julie

    Hicok makes a great point, but I also like Pam’s addition to the thought. If I wrote in my own true vernacular, not many people would understand, not even many people in the US where I live. I guess it depends on who is reading or listening. Thanks for another interesting post, Michelle.

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