Katy Evans-Bush

When asked what advice she would give a young poet, Katy said:
“I’d say, with Henry James:  “try to be one of those people on whom nothing is lost.”
Read Katy’s post, ‘advice to a young poet, reprised’, at her blog, Baroque in Hackney.

5 thoughts on “Katy Evans-Bush

  1. Julie

    I love the post, especially what not to say to a young poet (from the Times). Ha! I’ll definitely return to read her blog. There’s a great conversation in the comments section, too. For once, I didn’t open my big mouth, because they cover it all so well. Thanks, Michelle!

  2. Rethabile

    Thanks, Ausi. I was listening to Harari and Stix this morning. My favourite song of theirs was “Give.” Thank you for that memory.

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