Angela France’s Occupation

The Florist Explains Mimesis
Angela France

It begins with the cut. Not secateurs,
never scissors – only a blade can slice
a good angle through the stem.
See how my knife fits my hand:
its heel snugs into my palm, shows
me where to snip, where to cleave.
Its stubby sharpness has perfect balance,
guides my selection of leaf and bud,
knows which will be coaxed forward
or held back.
Picky brides and blind lovers
only care about shape and colour.
They don’t know what brings blooms
to such integrity nor do they see
how their choices measure depths
and futures. Mourners think
they can make flowers speak forcing
them into wire frames to spell names.
Deaf to the petals’ curve,
the eloquence of sweeping vine,
they never notice, nor ask why,
I leave a single thorn to nestle
under the calyx of the rose
they drop into the grave.
From Occupation (Ragged Raven Press, 2009).
Occupation is available for pre-publication order.
Angela’s collection will be launched at the Ledbury Poetry Festival on Friday, 10 July 2009, at 11h00. Take a look at the 2009 Festival Programme.

7 thoughts on “Angela France’s Occupation

  1. johemmant

    This is the press that published Christopher James’ amazing The Invention of Butterfly (possibly my favourite book so far this year). They have great taste. I really like this poem. Thanks for the tip-off, Michelle.

  2. Michelle Post author

    Have you seen the line up for the Ledbury Poetry Festival, Jo? Looks like some fine things will be happening.

  3. Regina

    My, what a beautiful poem… there are so many wonderful poets out there- it’s inspiring!
    Thanks, M.!

  4. johemmant

    Yes, I wish I could be there……I’m working on it…….lots of arm-twisting and eyelash batting. Shocking, isn’t it *grin*.

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